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Selecting the Best Hardwood

The color of your wood can be as important as the wood variety. Using the right finish on your floor or stair treads will have a dramatic impact and provide a beautiful final result.

Dark Colour Wood Floors

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Dark hardwood floors add a bold look to your home. The rich colour is modern in feel and makes an area ‘warmer'. Light furniture and wall colours pop against dark hardwood floors.

Medium Colour Wood Floors

Wood floors with a medium colour bring traditional warmth to the living area or bedroom. Maple and Oak are just a couple of the medium finishes that will add a timeless look to any room.

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Light Colour Wood Floors

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Make your home feel larger and brighter with light coloured wood floors. The lighter tones reflect the sun and brighten any room. Hickory and Ash are popular light woods.

Selecting a Hardwood Finish

There are different gloss levels available to create your finish: matte (15%), satin (20%-35%) gloss (35%-50%). The gloss you select will impact the look and feel of your home. For example, floors with a dark colour and high gloss will show more wear over time. Ultimately, you should select your hardwood flooring based on its durability, appearance, and quality. There are many textures available, some options have larger knots, more streaking, colour variation, and pronounced grain patterns.

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