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The Ideal Floor: Engineered Floorings or Solid Hardwood Flooring

With natural wood flooring, there are two main choices: engineered and solid hardwood. Knowing the difference will help you make an educated choice.


These two types of floor are the premium choices and are the most desired by homeowners. They have a comparable material cost and price to install.

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Pros of Solid Wood


- Solid Hardwood can be refinished many times.
- Considered the classic choice, associated with quality and durability.

Solid wood is processed using solid lumber and is striking in almost every room. This type of floor's gorgeous natural beauty shines when refinished. Solid wood flooring is not ideal for places like bathrooms, kitchens, or entry hallways due to possible water damage. It's not recommended to install below grade because of the damage from high humidity environments.

Pros of Engineered Wood

- Enginered Wood is resistant to moisture and structurally stable.
- Perfect for every floor, including basements and condos with cement floors.


Engineered wood flooring has a top layer of finished wood with at least two more layers of plywood or fibreboard. This flooring is excellent for all levels of your home, including basements and condominiums. Select brands can be refinished depending on the top layer height.

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Board Width

Generally speaking, standard solid hardwood flooring is 3 1⁄4" Wide by 3⁄4" Tall. The average width of engineered flooring starts at 5". If you're seeking wide boards for a specifc project, we recommend using engineered wood to avoid plank twisting and going over budget.

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Different Species of Wood Flooring and Texture

Your choice of wood is influenced by the location of your room and your preference. Maple, oak, and birch are popular, but most wood is suitable for everyday life. Ultimately, you should choose your wood flooring based on its versatility, appearance, and quality. There are many textures and finishes available to give your room a unique look.

There are also options to have less knots, more streaking, colour variation, and more pronounced grain patterns.

Another factor is gloss level. matte (15%), satin (20%-35%) gloss (35%-50%). The gloss you select will impact the look and feel of your space.


Wood Flooring and Considerations

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Maple Hardwood

Maple flooring has a light colour with brown grain lines that are smooth-textured to the touch. It can create a modern look or help lighten up a room.

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Birch Hardwood

The whitish colour of Birch flooring helps lighten dark rooms, while the light-coloured brown grains add to a fresh and modern look.

floors floors floors

Red Oak Hardwood

Red Oak is brown with dark grains and a pinkish hint. It is an excellent choice for a traditional wood floor.

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White Oak Hardwood

White Oak is an elegant brown with dark grain lines. It is also an excellent choice for traditional wood floors.

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Walnut Hardwood

Walnut is a tough wood and gorgeous for home flooring. It is brown but usually lightens with age.

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Bamboo is a species of grass, but it comparable to oak wood in hardness. It is a long-lived, eco-friendly option in flooring. It comes in different colours from light brown, cherry, or mocha.

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Cork Flooring

Cork is an engineered hardwood made from the bark of a cork oak tree. Cork flooring has become more popular due to comfort, modern look, hypoallergenic and biological sustainability. Approximately 50% of the cork material is air; this acts as a cushion and natural sound barrier. Also, cork is moisture resistant which makes it suitable for basements. Check for urethane-sealed cork floor for high traffic zones.

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